Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lessons for PPM from Local Council Results of Feydhoo Constituency 2014

The failure of PPM candidate during the recent local council election came out with mixed feelings. Contrary to popular belief, some of the hardcore PPM supporters were not unhappy while most of them were extremely unhappy. It is said there were few to cheer up the failure as well.

PPM Feydhoo seniors shopped around for a council candidate during presidential election campaign and identified few. Abdullah Saeed from Benhaage and Sharafzaad Saeed were the two.

Abdulla Saeed is a PPM activist who toiled every drop of sweat for Yameen's success during presidential election. Sharafzad Saeed is a pro Hassan Saeed guy who joined PPM to contest the election. It is said his business partner Hussain Rasheed (hereafter referred as 'biz partner') joined PPM along with him.

Both of them filed their application to contest the party primary in reply to call for applicants. The call came with strict eligibility criterion where Abdulla Saeed meet all of them. Sharafzaad was not eligible as per the criterion but still his application was accepted and filed. How he filed the application in sheer contrast of the criterion remains as a mystery.

Both Abdulla Saeed and Sharafzad campaigned for primary. Abdulla Saeed's campaign was lead by PPM presidential campaign team while Sharafzaad's campagn was lead by his family and biz partner.

It is said Sharafzad was quite confident of winning the primary but at the end Abdulla Saeed defeated him easily. Sharafzad diligently congratulated Abdulla Saeed, accepted the result and assured full support to Abdulla Saeed during council election.

As agreed Sharafzaad accompanied Abdulla Saeed's door to door campaign activities with him..

Soon after the primary there was call for local council application. Four candidates applied. PPM candidate Abdulla Saeed Benhaage, MDP Candidate Aswan, independent candidates Abdulla Saeed Bulbulge and Saeed Shakir. Bulbulge Abdulla Saeed is an MDP member and Saeed Shakir is said to be Adhaalath Party member highly attached to Qaumee Party.

During campaign, Bulbulge Abdulla Saeed's supporters, who are also PPM activists, approached Benhaage Abdulla Saeed and requested something like MVR 20,000.00 to withdraw Bulbulge Abdulla Saeed's name. The supporters promised to pave ways of support for Benhaage Abdulla Saeed within their supporters. Benhaage Abdulla Saeed simply refused and remained calm.

Similarly, PPM candidate Abdulla Saeed's supporters strongly believe someone must have offered a similar or much handsome treat to Saeed Shakir to contest. According to them, the sole purpose of Saeed Shakir contesting the election is to harm PPM candidate.

The campaign continued at full swing where there were no much role from Bulbulge Abdulla Saeed. MDP and PPM candidates actively campained with party supporters. Saeed Shakir's campaign team consisted few friends of him and members of Sharafzad's family. However, Sharafzad still continued with Abdulla Saeed in his campaign.

Saeed Shakir's campaign team did not leave even a single space to defame PPM candidate and assassinate his character. PPM candidate Abdulla Saeed himself witnessed and heard the notorious comments passed by a prominent member of Sharafzad's family during Saeed Shaikir's door to door campaign. The comments were terribly nasty. That particular member's behavior during the election day was highly unacceptable and was witnessed by many. Even a formal case was filed against her.

When the results came in the evening, the proportion of votes was something like 1:6:6.3:0.5. Where 1 is Saeed Shakir 6 is PPM Abdulla Saeed, 6.3 is MDP Aswan and 0.5 is Bulbulge Abdulla saeed. This means for 100 votes for Saeed Shakir PPM Abdulla Saeed has got 600 votes and MDP candidate has got 630 votes and Bulbulge Abdulla Saeed has got 50 votes.

The results was shocking for supporters of PPM Abdulla Saeed and Saeed Shakir. Saeed Shakir emotionally passed a message saying, "the people encouraged me to contest were dishonest". Supporters of PPM Abdulla Saeed had nervous breakdowns and experienced much difficulty to come out of the trauma.

The questions that prevails among PPM supporters now include but not limited to:
  • Did all these things happened as a result of not complying with the eligibility criterion at the beginning?
  • How did Sharafzad got the primary ticket in sheer contrast of eligibility criterion?
  • Why did Sharafzad's family and friends did not join PPM when he seriously wanted to win the primary?
  • What made prominent members of Sharafzad's family joined Saeed Shakir's campaign while Sharafzaad is still with Abdulla Saeed? Was it a double game?
  • What made Saeed Shakir to contest?
  • Why did PPM supporters asked Benhaage Abdulla Saeed to offer MVR 20,000.00 to Bulbulge Abdulla Saeed to withdraw his name while he (Bulbulge Abdulla Saeed) is MDP related candidate?
  • Why did PPM hardcore supporters were not unhappy when their candidate was defeated?
I believe the answers help PPM candidate to succeed the forthcoming parliamentary election.

I congratulate Aswaan and MDP for their success and wish them well.