Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ibrahim Didi Diligently Wins Parliamentary Election

Ibrahim Didi won the seat of  Addu City Feydhoo Constituency of 18th parliamentary election. The winning was result of conscientious efforts of his family, friends and well wishers.

Soon after getting elected for a parliamentary candidate by party primary, Ibrahim Didi started campaign activities where he did not get much cooperation from the party leadership of Feydhoo. Ibrahim Didi being vice-president of PPM Feydhoo did his best to re-unite everyone who has gone astray after hearing the shocking result of party primary. Ibrahim Didi won the primary pole with a higher score than the total score of the other three candidates contested. The three candidates included President, Secretary General and a front line supporter of PPM Feydhoo.

The government was very decent to lend a hand to Ibrahim Didi's effort to re-unite the party. It seems the government knocked every door to pave ways for Ibrahim Didi. Unfortunately, things did not work as expected and their effort to re-unite the party leadership was not totally successful.

Ibrahim Didi was charismatic enough to persuade PPM front line supporters and almost all of them worked for him during the primary and the election as well. According to them, they decided to support him after analysis of the will of the party supporters. The result of the primary too said the same thing.

The family of Ibrahim Didi was highly committed to campaign work and all members of his immediate and extended family worked hard to make it a success. The pool that consisted his kids, siblings, cousins and second cousins are big in number and they all, by heart and soul, were fully committed to elect him. There were many friends, well wishers behind him. Among them; some are, perhaps, not even known to him.

His brother Abdulla Didi managed to persuade a large number of MDP voters towards him. Abdullla Didi is a hardcore MDP supporter. His sister Waheedha was another stronghold to persuade voters for him within former JP/Gaumee coalition.

The role of his mother, Mariyam Ibrahim, must be a particular mention. She was very busy with evening tea for the mass everyday during campaign. Her two daughters too worked with her and played a major role in it.

Ibrahim Didi won the seat with a surprising result for some people. It seems MDP front line supporters were quite confident to win the seat for MDP. They said MDP cannot be compared with PPM as it is a democratically matured party with a comparatively large number of voters.

There were no hostility between MDP and PPM and they both campaigned much better than earlier days. It seems the charismatic aspect of Ibrahim Didi defused many incidents at the very right time at a right level of intensity.

However, there was harsh dialogue by the independent candidate towards Ibrahim Didi. According to him, he himself is the 'qabil candidate' and it is wise to vote him. His notion of 'qabil candidate' is the one with an academic or professional qualification at a tertiary level. However, this claim is invalid as per constitutional eligibility criterion. Ibrahim Didi getting more than twelve votes for every single vote of this candidate depicts very well how the public reacted to the claim.

Apart from that, things went on smoothly. Ibrahim Didi and his team was non-reactive and campaign activities continued in a non-violent environment. Apart from cutting few banners and putting sarcastic comments on Facebook, everything went on very well.

At the beginning, Ibrahim Didi was not very active on Facebook but his team dominated the whole Facebook after sometime. On average Ibrahim Didi appeared 96 times on Facebook everyday during latter days of the campaign. His supporters increased day by day and his Facebook fans skyrocketed from a handful to 5000 at the very beginning of the campaign. Just like highest number of votes, he had the highest number of Facebook fans among the four candidates contested for Feydhoo constituency.

He expects a cheerful evening with all his supporters soon, perhaps on next Friday.

I wish Feydhoo peace, prosperity and progress during the era of Ibrahim Didi and I wish him well.